The stories of your photos deserve to be told!

Where will your photos be in 20 years? Will your children and grandchildren know the story behind those photos? The LGBT community is fighting for their civil rights and it is important that they document their families and their stories. Their children deserve to have something tangible to hold in their hands that say “This is my family. This is what we were doing when the world said our family didn’t count.” Don’t let your photos and the stories they tell die by getting lost on your computer.

Digital Basics In the comfort of your home or mine, I will show you how to manage your digital images at your own pace including tips on how to share and organize.

Organization of Printed Photos We can work together to organize your photos so they are neatly categorized, safe, and accessible.  Whether you have a backlog of current prints or a collection of heritage photos, we can guide you through the process of identifying what to keep and what to discard.

Creating Digital Photo Books and Traditional Albums Do you wish your photos were in albums to enjoy?  Do you lack the time to do it yourself? Let me make the albums for you.  Whether you prefer the look of a traditional album or digitally produced photo book, you can be confident that your memories will be preserved for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Customized Photo Packages for Special Events I can create custom packages that include invitations, posters, thank you notes and videos to help you celebrate and remember special events and occasions such as weddings, graduations, sports teams, dance and theater groups, milestone birthdays, retirement parties and anniversaries.

Save Your Old Photos and Home Videos Old photos fade away or get lost.  Home movies and videos have been replaced with new technology.  The best way to preserve old photos and movies is to convert them to DVD.  I will scan and color correct your prints, negatives, and slides, and convert your old family movies to DVD (all formats accepted).  Best of all – we will ensure that your originals are picked up, transported and returned to you safely.

Susan Berland
Proud Member of

All Family Project

All Family Project

A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the All Family Project